Nekko Hatches the Egg: One day, Nekko excitedly beckons Kee Kee over to his tree to show him something. It's a mysterious, blue spotted egg and nobody seems to know where he got it. Kee Kee is concerned. In fact, probably more concerned than it's his business to be. Despite Kee Kee's insistence that juntas can't hatch eggs, Nekko sits tenaciously and lovingly upon it. He even takes up knitting and fusses loudly whenever anybody gets too close to it. At some point, Nekko places Kee Kee on the egg to keep it warm while he runs some "errands". Kuzy's assertion that it was Kee Kee's own fault for hanging around fall on deaf (and hard to see) ears. When Nekko returns... with a tuba for some reason... the egg begins to hatch. Out comes... another egg!

I Don't Give a Flying Frog: Kee Kee is hopping around one day bragging to his friends about how high he can jump. When he gets to Kuzy the Firefly, however, she reminds him that she doesn't need to jump because she can fly. Kee Kee, immediately jealous, wants to learn how to fly. After experimenting, and having some success, flapping some leaves, he builds a ridiculous flying machine out of stuff he finds lying around. After crashing, he talks to Chickenduck about the problem. Despite his insistance that chickens are flightless, Kee Kee gets him to agree to let him take a ride on his back, and they have a destructive flight through town.

A Square's Roots: Kee Kee announces that he wants to get back to his roots. His friends are pretty sure he has no idea what that means. He probably saw someone on TV say that and he latched on to it. Anyway, Kee Kee goes through all sorts of trouble searching for these elusive roots. He tries painting "tribal" patterns on himself after seeing it on a reality show. He tries to get "oldschool" by dressing like an 80s rap star. He even wonders if his yellowness is the source of his roots and wears a banana peel. After coming up zeroes, Kee Kee climbs to the top of a mountain (really an anthill) to talk to an all-knowing guru. After warning him that he'll only find happiness by loving who he currently is, he tells Kee Kee that he can find his roots by "going back to the beginning of what you REALLY are". After thinking about that for a while, Kee Kee finally gets back to his roots and becomes a 1930s black-and-white version of himself. After making everyone really uncomfortable with that, he changes back to normal, starts showing off for the tourists, and realizes he's happiest being himself.

I Don't Want To Live in Reggaeton: Kee Kee's determined to make a career of his loud, obnoxious singing. He and Chickenduck band together to make a Reggaeton sensation. They get famous with their hit single "Oh No You Di'int", become blinged-out egomaniacs and become impossible to live with. After a disasterous appearance on "Cribs", they break up, and form competing solo acts. As they get to the climax of their competition, Nekko replaces them both with his hit single "Snbbbbrrax, Yo."


No Holds Make Sense: Kee Kee and Chickenduck want to cash in on the latest craze: Chicken luchadors. Kee Kee names himself manager and, of course, lets the power go straight to his head. He barks out all manner of weird orders under the catch-all of "We've got to toughen you up!". Chickenduck is just crazy enough to do everything he says. Their first opponent is none other than the mysterious El Pollo Loco, a crazed fighter with a worse grip on sanity than even Chickenduck. Even if they do win, how will the chicken lucha libre community react when they find out that Chickenduck... isn't a chicken?

Showoff Showdown : "Super Explosion Uncles: Altercation" is about to be released for the Woohoo Entertainment System and Kee-Kee needs cash for it. He decides to kick it up a notch to impress the tourists to get extra money. He's got competition in the other local video game nut/unemployed guy, Chickenduck. Their competition starts to scare the tourists away, but when they team up, they become both a better spectacle, and incredibly destructive.

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