Delusional animals flock together, and as such, Chickenduck is Kee Kee's best friend. Logic, however, is NOT Chickenduck's best friend. He thinks that chickens have all the power, so he's disguised himself as one. With his big personality, he loves to join Kee Kee in showing off for the tourists. He's also Kee Kee's equal in his gaming habits, though they usually have to play at Chickenduck's place since they can both fit in there. In fact, Chickenduck and Kee Kee have a lot in common, except Chickenduck isn't nearly as sane. He's always one step past reality. Having someone to look after makes Kee Kee feel more like an adult, and Chickenduck likes having someone who "understands" him around, so everybody wins... except for the locals.


Nekko is a jutia, a species that supposedly went extinct 500 years ago. He's the last of the jutias, and he's too brain dead to know it. Nekko is a very rare kind of stupid. He's so dumb that he has no idea that impossible things can't happen. As a result, unexplainable things happen around Nekko all the time. He hits his head on a tree, and a roast chicken falls out. His head falls off without warning. His nose contains power tools. You get the idea. Kee Kee initially saw him as a rival for the attention of the tourists, but it's hard to stay mad at a guy who's idea of communication is "Skminxfll!"

Kuzy Firefly

Kuzy's a very cute little bug. She's kind and peaceful. She's not quick to anger, so tolerating Kee Kee's antics is no chore for her. Kuzy is probably the only person around Kee Kee with the good sense to tell him when he's doing something that could potentially hurt a lot. Kee Kee calls that "thinking outside the box" and likes to have her around for that reason. While Kuzy is slow to anger, her burning light will let you know when she's ready to pop!


Goth Fairy

There are faries all over Puerto Rico, and some of them are teenagers. This particular teenage fairy is something of a rebel and likes unfairylike things such as punk music, sharp objects, and total anarchy. As a fairy in training, she sometimes has to fly around with a "dorky wand" and grant wishes to the local animals. She likes to do that her own way by purposefully misinterpreting the wishes or granting wishes to dangerous creatures. As a moody, rebellious, teenager, she's prone to incredible mood swings that cause weather problems.

Panchon Pig

Panchon is a nervous fellow. Whenever any holidays roll around, he freaks out and goes into hiding to avoid being eaten. "Why? Why was I born delicious?" One you calm him down, though, he's just one of the guys. You wouldn't think a guy with hooves would be good at video games, but he beats Kee Kee at "Streets of Hitting" every time.

El Chupacabras

There are lots of misconceptions about chupacabras. One is that they don't exist. Another is that they only like to eat goats. Don't get me wrong, they LOVE goats, but they're happy to eat any other animal they can get their mouth around. One of their favorites happens to be coquis. I think it might be because they're full of bugs. That's just my theory. The thing about coquis is that they're really loud, so they're easy to locate. It's a good thing our hero isn't a really loud coqui.

...Oh, crud.




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